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    Jan Allegretti

    More and more people are adopting a vegan diet for themselves—sometimes for humane reasons, but also because of mounting evidence of health benefits and the impact on the environment. For the same reasons it makes sense to consider eliminating animal products from their dogs’ and cats’ diets as well. But is this really a healthy option for them? Didn’t they evolve as predatory carnivores, existing on the raw flesh of their prey?

    Yes–and no. It’s true that their ancestors were wild hunters whose diets consisted primarily of the animals they killed. But the animals we share our homes with today are genetically far removed from their wild counterparts. Think about it–does a dachshund appear to have the identical genetic profile of a wolf? Does the kitten curled up on the pillow of your bed really look like she’s ready to take down an antelope? Of course not. Due to centuries of selective breeding and adaptation, the dog and cat who sleep at your side are substantially different from their ancestors. What’s more, the meat we feed them is substantially different from the wild game consumed by their predecessors. The cows and chickens of today are also the result of extensive selective breeding, and their flesh often carries the residue of hormones, antibiotics, and the pesticides applied to the grain they eat—hardly the same as a freshly killed jackrabbit.

    Because of the special dietary needs of cats, it’s important to add appropriate supplements when you eliminate meat from their diets (see below). But dogs can more readily get everything they need without meat, dairy, or eggs. In fact, many dogs and cats actually blossom when switched to a plant-based regimen, with glossier coats, fresher breath and cleaner teeth, more energy at play, and a more peaceful disposition. Removing animal products from the diet may even help overcome some health problems, including allergies, skin and digestive issues, behavioral disorders such as aggression, hypersensitivity or anxiety, and even seizures. Eliminating meat from the diet can help an overweight animal trim down while still enjoying ample, satisfying meals. And of course, it’s great to know that everyone in your household is living more sustainably and humanely.

    Here are a few simple guidelines:
     If you rely on commercial foods, there are vegan varieties available. As with any packaged food, be sure the manufacturer uses the same care in choosing ingredients as you do when you cook for your family. Scrutinize package labels and manufacturers’ websites for lists of ingredients and company policies on ingredient sources, processing, and so forth.
     If possible, prepare your animal friends’ meals in your own kitchen. As with any diet, feeding a variety of ingredients is the best way to be sure your dog and cat get the all the nutrients they need. Be sure to choose organic ingredients as much as possible.
     Tofu, tempeh, lentils, beans, and split peas can replace the meat they used to eat. Ground nuts and seeds are also high-protein options. (Be mindful, though, of the higher fat content of nuts and seeds, and feed in moderation.)
     Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits along with carbohydrates, such as whole grains and potatoes, to provide an array of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients so your companion eats a well-balanced, nutritious diet—and because they taste so good!
     Cats have unique and critical dietary needs that make supplementation essential when feeding a plant-based diet. VegeCat is a supplement made specifically for vegan cats, and is available at
     For your dog, supplement with a daily multivitamin or with vitamin-rich spirulina on a regular basis. VegeDog from is also a good option.
     Add a good source of essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil or olive oil.
     When preparing beans, soak them overnight, rinse well, then cook them until they’re soft. Adding a small potato to the cooking pot will help reduce “gassiness.” Purée the bigger, firmer varieties like garbanzos before adding them to the meal.
     Nearly all foods that are good for you are also good for your dog and cat, but there are a few exceptions:
    o Avoid chocolate, grapes, raisins, and hazelnuts.
    o Avoid feeding onions to cats, and feed only small amounts to dogs.
     Remember to follow the golden rule of nutrition: Vary the diet regularly to allow your friend’s body to draw nutrients from a broad range of foods. Feed lentils on Tuesday, black beans on the weekend, tofu on Sunday morning. If providing a varied diet is difficult for you, follow a balanced recipe formulated to meet recognized nutritional requirements for dogs or cats. (Customized diets are available from a veterinary nutritionist at most veterinary schools or from

    Once your dog and cat start their new diets, watch for changes—for better or worse—in health or behavior. A brittle coat, low energy, or weak muscles may be a sign she’s not getting enough protein. If so, be sure the protein source is easily digestible and of good quality. Cook beans a little longer or purée them; increase the amount of protein, or try different sources such as tofu and lentils.

    Chances are, though, you’ll find that your friend’s coat becomes softer and shinier, his energy increases, she’s less afraid of those thunderstorms, his breath is fresh, and that nasty build-up on her teeth seems to be going away. If that’s the case—celebrate and carry on!

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