Lectures and Talks

Over the years Dr. Pitcairn has given a number of presentations at homeopathic conferences. They are mostly of interest to students or practitioners of homeopathy. Here are links to some of them which are off site.

An Interview With Dr. Pitcairn

 On The Meaning Of Being A Homeopath

The Character Of Samuel Hahnemann, MD

Understanding Mental & Emotional Symptoms

C. M. Boger, Master Of Simplicity

Towards A Veterinary Repertory

Hahnemann’s Anti-Miasmatic Prescribing

Animal Behavior & Veterinary Homeopathy

Hahnemann’s Search For The Perfect Potency


4 Responses to Lectures and Talks

  1. Melissa Moore says:

    Hello, under contact it says to click the forum link above doc’s picture to leave a note on the public forum. There isn’t a link. Where might I be able to find this forum?

    • I am sorry to say that forum no longer in operation. The company was sold and the forum was not continued. I had forgotten it was still listed so will have to take it off.

      • Melissa Moore says:

        I have a question about your recipes and quantity to feed in the Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Both my cats are large (12 lbs) and the recommended feeding stated 1 cup per day. My cats won’t consume more than 1/2 cup per day-they’re full. I am concerned that they then are not getting enough vitamins/supplements. Do I double the amounts of vitamin/supplements per batch so they care getting twice the amount in their 1/2 cup feeding?

        • Not necessary. The ratio of food to vitamins, etc., is such that they will have enough whatever they eat – well not if they are sick or something and not eating properly, but I mean if they are healthy cats and don’t want more food than this.

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