Lectures and Talks

Over the years Dr. Pitcairn has given a number of presentations at homeopathic conferences. They are mostly of interest to students or practitioners of homeopathy. Here are links to some of them which are off site.

An Interview With Dr. Pitcairn

 On The Meaning Of Being A Homeopath

The Character Of Samuel Hahnemann, MD

Understanding Mental & Emotional Symptoms

C. M. Boger, Master Of Simplicity

Towards A Veterinary Repertory

Hahnemann’s Anti-Miasmatic Prescribing

Animal Behavior & Veterinary Homeopathy

Hahnemann’s Search For The Perfect Potency


12 Responses to Lectures and Talks

  1. Melissa Moore says:

    Hello, under contact it says to click the forum link above doc’s picture to leave a note on the public forum. There isn’t a link. Where might I be able to find this forum?

    • I am sorry to say that forum no longer in operation. The company was sold and the forum was not continued. I had forgotten it was still listed so will have to take it off.

      • Melissa Moore says:

        I have a question about your recipes and quantity to feed in the Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Both my cats are large (12 lbs) and the recommended feeding stated 1 cup per day. My cats won’t consume more than 1/2 cup per day-they’re full. I am concerned that they then are not getting enough vitamins/supplements. Do I double the amounts of vitamin/supplements per batch so they care getting twice the amount in their 1/2 cup feeding?

        • Not necessary. The ratio of food to vitamins, etc., is such that they will have enough whatever they eat – well not if they are sick or something and not eating properly, but I mean if they are healthy cats and don’t want more food than this.

  2. Shelley hurst says:

    Hi Dr Pitcairn
    i have been an avid reader and admirer of yours for years. thank you for your tremendous work with animals, truly inspirational.
    do you offer or can you recommend a course in homeopathy to anyone who is not a vet? I live in Australia & would love to practice one day. i have been doing this for my own family for about 15 years now.
    really appreciate your time.
    All the best & take care

    • I don’t know what courses are available in Australia, if any. However, I think there are some homeopathic groups and some veterinarians that do this as I have heard of them, or from them, over the years. So good luck, and check around. I hope there is something for you.

  3. Erica Bae says:

    Hello, Dr. Pitcairn.
    My name is Erica Bae, sending this message from South Korea 🙂
    I feel honored to talk with you now! Thank you for your great achievements for animals 😀 !!
    These days I’m reading your book – Natural Health for Dogs And Cats.
    It is really famous for feeding your health powder here in Korea.
    In my case, I’ve been feeding the healthy powder for more than a month and natural organic meat(Mostly, it is organic duck tenderloin. Because my dog is a little bit overweight.) with vegetables as much as required amount for more than a year to my Poodle “Mong” 🙂
    But, here’s my question.
    My dog suddenly got an ear infection seriously last month, about one year after I started to feed him “home made natural organic food” and a month after he ate the health powder.
    (During the year, there wasn’t any big problem with his ears, but it suddenly happened after a month later he ate the powder. I bought materials of the powder through “iherb.com” where you recommended in the book, also I followed all the instructions witten in the book).
    So, right after the problem was occured, I went to see a vet who has been curing my dog since my dog was a baby. He said it is a kind of “allegy reaction”. He recommended me to stop feeding natural food and to feed my dog “non-allergic vegeterian dry dog food”. (The brand is “Natural Balance”) Also, he added “Chicken is one of the most allergy-causing food for dogs.” Well, I really don’t believe dry dog food but, I had no choice but to listen vet’s instructions. So now, Mong is taking medicine including antibiotic everyday. I don’t want to give him but his ear is really….. terrible now. Also, I feed him dry food and natural meat(organic duck tenderloin) together. I know he will be better after taking the medicine for more than 2 weeks, but you know, it is not a proper solution.
    So, professor. What do you think about this situation?
    At the first time, I thought there’s some problems with the health powder or natural food. I asked to the vet, and he said, those food also can cause allergies. But it’s mere guesswork. (I believe him but at the same time, I don’t believe dry dog food.)
    I’m still feeding the natural food and the powder. Less than before but still feed them. I want to solve this problem not by medicine but by natural ways.
    I tried to find your email address to sending some pictures but I couldn’t. So I’m writing this letter on your website.
    Please let me know your opinion, professor.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for everything 🙂

    Erica Bae

    • I am sorry to hear of this trouble. I have not seen any allergies to the Healthy Powder in my patients. I suppose it is possible, but I am thinking more likely some other factor. However, you could certainly stop using it for a while, then when all is better, try it again just to find out. In my practice, this problem with the ears is usually an immune disorder, and related to the use of vaccines. There could be other causes but not, in my experience, a bacterial problem so I did not find antibiotics useful. Most veterinarians also use steroids which I don’t recommend but they find it necessary because of the immune problem.
      In any case I hope it resolves soon. Best of luck with it.

      With best wishes,
      Dr. Pitcairn

  4. Roz Rober says:

    Dear Dr. Pitcairn,
    I have been feeding my two cock-a-poos your healthy diet along with the healthy powder since September 2014. Spencer was always a light beige color and now he has turned a light reddish brown. I feel that maybe I have feed them too much sweet potatoes and carrots….. could this be possible? Also, they are 7 and 9 years old and due for their rabies vaccine. I am concerned about them getting this because the 9 year old was very sick last year and the 7 year old has had seizures (only 4 seizures in his lifetime). Could you please advise me on this issues… Thank you very much, your book has saved my dogs….

    • I don’t think the foods would affect hair color. It might be a good thing in that I have seen hair become darker on a healthier diet.
      With my clients, if their dog had been affected by vaccinations in the past I advised not having more. You can get an exemption letter from your veterinarian. As you say the tendency to seizures can become increased after vaccinations. I have seen it happen in dogs I have treated.
      Good luck with this. I know not easy.

      With best wishes,
      Dr. Pitcairn

  5. Roz Rober says:

    Dr Pitcarin
    I would like your opinion on the refrigerated dog food Freshpet sold in grocery and pet stores. It is a USA product and seems to be of good quality. I would like to use it for when I go on vacations and in a pinch. Also, would I use the Healthy Power in the Freshpet. I know homemade food is the very best for my cock-a-poos… Thanking you in advance.

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