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Next Meetings – Metaphysics of Homeopathy

These next two meetings are focussed on exploring and inquiring into the significance of the concepts that Hahnemann established for the homeopathic method. I think most of us when we first encounter this set about to learn the work and how to apply it. If we see results, often dramatic, at some point we begin to wonder how this can happen. How Hahnemann explains the action of remedies, what the patient is, the nature of disease – are all quite different than how most of us think. It really is a completely different view of reality.

Does it matter? Perhaps not if your work is going well. However, for me, it is the most important part of the learning process. Changing how we see the world has immense significance. We finding ourselves discarding some concepts, even ones that are considered basic to medicine, and inquiring in new directions. It is very exciting.

In these next meetings it is not intended to give you final answers but more provide the opportunity for inquiry. It will be emphasizing Q and A format.

Meeting 1

What is the life force? It is basic to homeopathic work but the greatest obstacle for many people, especially when it is said that a remedy contains this force even though it has no physical substance of the original material in it.

Meeting 2

What is the patient? Hahnemann tells us we are spiritual beings, that the body is an instrument. How does that view change how we see things? The body, as a physical thing, is not really alive, it is the life force that animates it and expresses life as we know it. Does this not change how we interpret what is presented to us?


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