Vaccination Books

It is surprising to me, a person that has studied vaccinations in depth as part of obtaining a PhD in immunology, that there should be such a strong defense of vaccine practices by the medical profession. That injecting bacteria and viruses directly into tissues, and within minutes, into the blood system, is highly unnatural is not in question. The human or animal body evolved over millennia to watch for and react to organisms that were entering by the nose, mouth and intestinal tract. The primary defenses are there, and the process of recognizing invaders and alerting the immune system to their presence is elaborate and well understood. Vaccine injections bypass all of this and shock the immune system by the sudden presence in the blood for which there was no warning. To make it even more unnatural, several organisms are mixed together in vaccines, a condition simply not seen in natural infections. It is no surprise that the immune system gets confused by this and makes mistakes.

That vaccines can cause health problems, sometimes very serious ones, was recognized in homeopathic practice over a century ago. This has been confirmed in my practice as well as that of many other veterinarians. These books are informative about the topic. Specific presentation on my experience with vaccine problems is in the paper A New Look At Vaccines which is accessible from the menu item Lectures and Talks.

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History
Written by a medical doctor and an informed parent presenting very clear and persuasive evidence on the actual effectiveness of vaccines. The historical analysis shows why there was so much infectious disease and how that was reduced by sanitation measures rather than vaccines. Carefully done charts show when vaccines were introduced into use and how little effect, if any, was shown on the incidence of disease. Very current and well written.
Vaccination Social Violence and Criminality
Coulter considers the relationship of vaccination to autism, hyperactivity, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and learning disabilities. He carries his argument into the social realm, suggesting a connection between neurological damage and the present high level of criminality in American society. Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality will become a cornerstone in the ongoing debate about childhood vaccinations.
Immunization: The Reality Behind The Myth
The only book that explores the vaccination issue from political, ethical, psychological, aesthetic, and spiritual perspectives. Using principles of general semantics to recognize propaganda, particularly medical propaganda, it points to the power of the media to create our reality. James suggests an unusual consciousness-raising plan of action to insure freedom of choice and non-harrassment of persons who choose to stay off the vaccine bandwagon. The author’s controversial position is supported throughout the book by the scientific discoveries of researchers who have received little recognition in orthodox medical literature. This new, completely revised edition shows: how vaccinations damage the immune and nervous systems, the vaccine-drug-AIDS connection, how to become propaganda-proof, and how to develop new paradigms of health and preventive medicine.
DPT: A Shot In The Dark
One of the first contemporary books that looked at this common practice of using DPT vaccinations for children. Both informative and shocking. Must read.
Vaccination and Immunisation: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives (what Every Parent Should Know)
Vaccinations and immunisation procedures as not as safe and effective as we are told. They offer some protection, but far less that is generally supposed, and at a cost in terms of short and long term hazards. In this book, learn everything a parent should know about the dangers of vaccination and immunisation, both short and long term, and discover the safe alternatives.