Online Presentations

As I have time I put together presentations about various topics of interest. They are about homeopathy but within that a variety of subject matter.

All of the recordings can be accessed at Pitcairn Institute. The recordings are listed under “Meeting Resources.” Click to the right of the name of the recording (small icon comes up with arrow) to access the video.

Some of them were done in response to a request by a student group at Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine on a general understanding of homeopathy and these three were presented:

  • Discovery of Homeopathy 
  • History of Homeopathy in the US
  • Research in Homeopathy 

More recently I did a series on how to use the computer software for homeopathic case work. This is the software from Synergy and includes MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. These were the presentations:

  • MacRepertory – Module 1, Settings and Basic Use
  • MacRepertory – Module 2, Palette Use
  • MacRepertory – Module 3  – Analysis
  • MacRepertory – Module 4 – Graphs (on page 2 of website)
  • ReferenceWorks Usage (on page 2 of website)

Currently (late 2017) the series is on the fundamental principles of homeopathic medicine as elucidated by the founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. This series is an inquiry into the perspective of Dr. Hahnemann as to the nature of the patient, of disease, and how best to treat it. The extraordinary results seen in homeopathic work points out to our minds that there must be another way to understand these things. There is no way that the principles of homeopathy practice can fit into the materialistic paradigm of contemporary medicine. These meetings are a combination of dialogue and presentation on this, with the purpose of engaging our minds to look into this more deeply. The first meeting, a dialogue with Doug Yearout, homeopathic veterinarian, is:

  • Dialogue With Hahnemann 1 (on page 2 of website)
  • Dialogue With Hahnemann 2 (on page 2 of website)

No meeting scheduled at this time

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