What Veterinarians Say
About the PIVH Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy
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“This course is exceptionally well-organized and taught. I cannot imagine calling myself a holistic practitioner without knowing homeopathy. It is the ultimate in understanding health, disease and healing.” – Fayette Witherell, DVM

“A powerful teacher, a powerful medicine, a powerful course. Best postgraduate course I’ve seen.” – John Koontz, DVM”

It is the best course I’ve ever taken since conventional vet school. It is the most vitalizing, exciting field I’ve ever been interested in. Homeopathy has filled in all the missing pieces of my practice puzzle.” – Douglas Yearout, DVM

“Outstanding! Cleared up a lot of questions I had, especially with respect to case evaluation and progression. Thanks!” – Betsy Harrison, DVM

“This course has been a milestone in my career. A lot of undefined uneasiness found answers here and now I know more where to look for the kinds of questions I have, and also, that those uneasy feelings are justified. Thank you so much for doing everything you do and for being who you are. I love your principles and the fact that you emphasize ethics in homeopathy.” – Nathalie Lapierre, DVM

“This is what veterinary medicine is really about. This is why many of us chose this profession in the first place.” – Tsin Yen Ling, DVM

“I feel anyone wanting to practice homeopathy must take this course.” – Judy Herman, DVM

“This was a suberb course…I feel like I’ve advanced years beyond my former prescribing ability and understanding of homeopathy.” – Jan Facinelli, DVM

“I found the course very worthwhile, having just taken a human homeopathy course, which I felt I got little out of. In comparison to the human course, I feel very much more comfortable to take cases, and have, with a great deal more success.” – John Haromy, DVM

“I studied and ‘practiced’ on my own for hundreds of hours before taking the course. I learned more and became more effective in my prescibing after one session than ever before. It is invaluable and learning from Dr. Pitcairn’s experience is even more invaluable. I listen to the tapes of the course over and over, and always take away something new.” – Jeff Feinman, VMD

“Richard is a true teacher. He not only makes the most complex simple, but teaches true thought processes for homeopathy.” – Catherine Homrig, DVM

“Dr. Pitcairn’s course opened up a whole new world to me. I now look at all my casese in a new light, regarding the animal as a whole… I recommend this course for veterinarians at any point in their career. It will broaden your horizons and refresh the mind.” – D’ara Klein, DVM

“It was spiritually uplifting for me and transformational – I am forever changed by it…the most important course of my professional life.” – Henry Kostecki, DVM

“I have attended quite a few homeopathy courses and so far Dr. Pitcairn is the finest instructor I have found … the best able to elucidate homeopathic philosophy is a manner that makes all its other aspects comprehensible.” – David Penney, DVM

“I considered taking a by-mail course, and now feel that could have never laid the foundation this course has … Richard is a superb teacher.” – Carol Volk, DVM

“I found this course excellent in all aspects. I feel that we gained immeasurably from learning one person’s approach to homeopathy and that approach being classical.” – Rosalind Wirsing, DVM

“I went to a great high school, and although I’ve been fortunate to have wonderful college and graduate education, I never expected to have such a profoundly enriching and fun educational experience again. This course, and homeopathy, have changed my life. Thank you for showing us a way to heal that we can practice with joy and conviction.” – Anne Hermans, DVM

“I feel like I had been blindfolded before came to this course. It brought a new perspective to my way of practicing, made it more effective and enjoyable. The organization was great, as well as the format. I wish more people took this course. They are not aware of what they are missing. It virtually changed my life.” – Peter Dobias, DVM

“Best post-doctoral training I have ever had.” – Bill McGehee, DVM

“I came to this course not knowing what to expect from either the course or homeopathy, only knowing I felt a deep lack of fulfillment in medical practice. I felt like a technician, not a healer. I am absolutely overwhelmed at the possibilities homeopathy has opened up for me in terms of fulfillment as a healer and of healing as an art. Also, Richard is a rare and gifted teacher and I deeply appreciate his sharing his life’s work with us, his leadership and inspiration .” – Rebecca Coleman, DVM

“This was truly an inspirational course. Sure it was about homeopathy, but there was so much more. I really appreciated your presentation skills and sense of humor as well as your ability to make complicated material understandable.” – Peter L. Rodgers, DVM

“This was a totally excellent class. I had reservations about whether I could ‘buy’ the homeopathic principles and whether at my ‘advanced’ age I could study and learn something so new and alien to my previous outlook. Yet, in class, you presented the material so well that I could easily follow the logic and was tremendously inspired to study, learn and put it into action. Very well done!” – Bettye Hooley, DVM