Unexpected Long Effects

Once I began to more seriously practice homeopathy I was surprised to see the effects of treatment last so long. My experience in medicine, to that point, was that improvements after treatment would last for a while but then the problem would come up again, especially for chronic, long-lasting, problems. It was discouraging that conditions would appear again, but seemed to be the way it was and you sort of get used to it. So it was notably a surprise to see, in some instances, that a homeopathic treatment – even at times just one treatment – would last for months or  years.
Here is an example given to me just recently by Nancy Bozeman of Texas, a veterinarian who has studied with me in using homeopathy in practice. Jessica, a dog now about 14 years of age, was a rescue dog. Until Jessica was 8 years old her only life was inside a cage, having puppies – one litter after another. This sort of thing is often called a “puppy mill” meaning that dogs are kept like this solely to produce puppies to sell through pet stores.
When Jessica was relieved of this onerous duty in 2008 and adopted by the client of Dr. Bozeman, the poor dog was unable function without constant fear. She had never lived outside of a cage and so had no experience interacting with people or other animals. She was very, very afraid of anything that moved or any loud noises. She was shy and timid, crawling on her belly everywhere she went, usually cowering in the corner of the room. The person that adopted her tried to help with patience, with time, with working with a trainer to conquer her fear. She remained unchanged for over 5 years – until the fortuitous visit to Dr. Bozeman for dental work and physical exam.
From prior experience working with Jessica in veterinary visits, it was known that she would tremble uncontrollably and bite from fear. Because homeopathy is used routinely in Dr. Bozeman’s practice, on this visit, Jessica was given a homeopathic remedy the moment she arrived at the clinic. The remedy was one that is used for such excessive fear, and it addresses the emotional state underlying that fear.
To quote the client “it changed her entire demeanor within, literally, minutes.” She wanted down on the floor, wagged her tail to several strangers in the room, made eye contact. Even when a door was loudly shut, she did not react. “She became as close to a normal dog as I had ever seen Jessica in the 5 years I have had her.”
Amazingly, this new behavior continued at home. Instead of always cowering in a corner, she allowed approach and being picked up. She came out and mixed with people and other dogs. She would now snuggle up to her person on the couch while watching TV which was completely new behavior. She even began using the doggie door to go outside, which she had never done because of fear of the noise of the flap.
This shows how a single treatment, one dose of the appropriate homeopathic remedy, can have such profound and lasting effects. It does not happen so dramatically in all cases but now I know not to be surprised when I see it. It is one of the fascinations of homeopathy.
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